Not "gut feelings" 

Don't rely on anyone's "gut feeling" to make a multi-million dollar decision. Gain all of the confidence that comes from strategy and success from market research to marketing and sales.

“It happens all the time… I’m sitting in a meeting with a new client and they ask, ‘Scott, what’s your gut telling you on price point?’ After a few of those situations, I realized that we had to come up with a universal formula to help our builders determine what their homes would sell for and how fast they’d sell."
-Scott Phillips, Jr.
President and Founder

It’s about getting things down to one number. Using market data and statistics the way we analyze them, we can find value in developments, price points, and markets that no one else sees. This allows our developers and builders to be on the forefront of new markets and lead the way, rather than arriving to the market too late.